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Saturday, June 3, 2023.  Upper Dublin SPARKS Field - Congratulations to the CBAA Boys A1 Team on their SEPYLA Championship.  win in SUDDEN DEATH Double Overtime.

Congratulations to CBAA A1 (12-0), 7th & 8th Grade team, lead by Head Coach Frank Pacitti and Assistant Coaches Joe Hodakowski & Jetff Mote, as took down SEPYLA South #1 seed Ridley 7-6 in OT.  On the opening Face Off of the 2nd OT, Michael Van Bastellar (8th) won an impressive ground ball, streaking down the middle of the field, feeding Ryan Williams (7th) on the left wing, to an open Brady Brevic (7th) who tallied his 5th Goal of the contest to seal the victory for CBAA.  Attack Ryan Williams (7th) contributed 2 goals in regulation toward for the 7-6 Final.