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COVID Health & Safety Plan 


This document is intended to provide guidance for members of the Central Bucks Athletic  Association (CBAA) Lacrosse program during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This guidance (as well as  dates and other recommendations contained herein) is preliminary and will be updated as more  public health data and other information is made available by state and local officials, in  addition to any guidance from SEPYLA (boys), PAGLA (girls), and US Lacrosse. This document addresses the  procedures of our lacrosse program and teams must follow to limit the spread of COVID-19 to  the extent they are permitted to conduct in-person operations. Any update to this document  will be provided as approved by CBAA Lacrosse Committee and the CBAA Executive Board. 

 The virus that causes the coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) is easily transmitted,  especially in group settings, and it is essential that the spread of the virus be slowed to  safeguard public health and safety, as well as the well-being of our athletes, coaches, referees,  volunteers, and members attending practices and games. 

 COVID-19 can be transmitted from infected individuals even if they are asymptomatic or their  symptoms are mild. It can also be spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus  on it and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. 

 In accordance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and SEPYLA, CBAA  Lacrosse will return to play with the following health and safety plan. 

Communication & Education Considerations 

All athletes and parents will receive communication on our safety and action plan before return to play  begins. 

o Copy of this policy/guideline will be emailed to all CBAA Lacrosse registered families, coaches, and  trainers as well as posted on the CBAA Website 

CDC Education materials will be shared with all participants (coaches, athletes, and parents) on  behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to: hand hygiene, sanitizing  equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when appropriate. 

o Coach specific guidance will be distributed to all coaches 

General Considerations 

While there is still an inherent risk of infection for those participating, everyone in attendance  should be actively working towards decreasing the risk of transmission to others by adhering to  prevention guidelines. 

Everyone should arrive and leave at the scheduled time to avoid overlap in groups. Questions related to COVID-19 by any parent/guardian, coach, or athlete should be directed to CBAA Lacrosse. 

Coaches and athletes must practice social distancing at all times, including on the field of play, Everyone participating in athletics should bring their own water. 

Considerations for Coaches and Athletic Trainers 

Coaches and athletic trainers will review and consider the CDC guidance on Considerations for  Youth Sports and CBAA Lacrosse COVID Health and Safety Plan to modify practices and games to  mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. 

Before each practice or game complete the CBAA Pre-Screening Survey 


CBAA Lacrosse COVID Health & Safety Plan 

Coaching staff and other adult personnel should wear face coverings at all times, unless doing  so jeopardizes their health. 

Coaches must take attendance at every practice. 

Coaches and athletic trainers must monitor athletes for symptoms prior to and during practices Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Do not enlist parental or attendee assistance. Coaches will design activities that focus on increasing risk mitigation strategies (social 

Break time may need to be increased and/or staggered to accommodate social distancing, 

Supply your medical kit or bag with gloves, extra masks, sanitizer, and facial tissues Ensure all athletes have their own individual equipment (ball, water, bag etc.) The use of scrimmage vest, or pinnies, is not recommended at this time. 

Minimize interaction with other teams that train before or after you. Emphasize player should go straight to cars 

Only one coach shall attend to an injured player. (If injury is serious the child’s parent may be  permitted on to the field) 

Use of any CBAA facility must be arranged adhering to CBAA’s use of facilities process, with approval obtained prior to team use

Considerations for Athletes 

All Athletes must sign and submit a “Communicable Disease Waiver” to CBAA Lacrosse. Waiver can be found at the bottom of the following web page: Communicable Disease Waiver.  Have no above normal temperature readings; Temperature checks should be done by players and their families prior to attending training. 


CBAA Lacrosse COVID Health & Safety Plan 

Wear mask before and immediately after all training. 

 o When outdoors, players are not required to wear masks during the activity. o When indoors,  players are required to wear mask during the activity. 

Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food, or bags. 

Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart. 

Follow all CDC guidelines as well those of your local health authorities. 

Considerations for Parents 

Ensure each child you have playing lacrosse has submitted a signed “Communicable Disease  Waiver” to CBAA Lacrosse 

Waiver can at the bottom of the following web page: Communicable Disease Waiver Ensure your child is healthy and check your child’s temperature before activities with others. 

o No signs of COVID-19 for the player the past 14 days and no known exposure before sending him or  her to training. Sick players and coaches must stay at home and follow appropriate health guidelines. 

o If a player was sent home as a result of showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they must provide a  written approval from their healthcare provider to the CBAA Lacrosse COVID Point of Contact to return  to play. 

o Have not travelled to a location the within the past 14 days the PA Department of Health  recommends quarantining after returning home. 

For Outdoor training/games, determine if you want your child to wear a face mask during  training activity (required to wear a mask entering and leaving field.) For Indoor activities, make  sure your child is wearing a mask. 

Sanitize and wash all equipment and uniforms after training 

o Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every training. 

Pack hand sanitizer and a face mask in his or her bag.

 Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling 

Spectators attending games must wear a mask unless outdoors and can consistently maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from anyone not in the same household. 

Limit the amount of family and friends attending games. Ideally, we would prefer only one  household member to attend games. We do understand that many of you have other children  which will need to come to the games 

CBAA Lacrosse COVID Health & Safety Plan 

o Limit the amount of family and friends attending practices. We do understand that many of you have  other children which will need to come to the games. 

o We ask that all spectators remain in their cars until the start time of the practice or game in which  their participant is playing in. 

o Spectators (including siblings) will not be allowed on the field. The only time a spectator will be  allowed on the field is if their participant is injured. 

Comply with social distancing and mask directives. Adhere to rules of the club regarding attending training session 


All athletes and parents/guardians must complete all documents required for participation in CBAA  Lacrosse. 

o CBAA Lacrosse will require that each athlete and parents/guardian sign a “Communicable Disease  Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement” before returning to play. 

All coaches and athletes must be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a practice, game, or  any team event. Screenings may include a temperature check on site 

o Responses to screening questions will be recorded and stored so there is a record of everyone  present in case of a positive case. 

o Coaches must verify athletes have completed the screening procedure prior to daily participation and  keep daily attendance records. CBAA is testing an application coaches can use to record attendance  electronically. This health and safety plan will be updated with guidance on use of the application when  ready for membership use.


Procedures for Coaches or Athletes Exhibiting Symptoms or Testing Positive for COVID-19

What are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. The symptoms may range from mild to severe. Symptoms may include:

Fever of 100.4 or higher or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting

What should you do if you are sick?

If you are sick with COVID-19 or think you are infected with the virus, STAY AT HOME. It is essential that you take steps to help prevent the disease from spreading to people in your home or comunity. If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.

  • Notify CBAA Lacrosse immediately. (Coach, Program Director) Required information provided at time of notification will include:
o Date of presumptive positive or test positive for COVID
o Attendance at games or practice
o Known participants that came into contact with prior, during and after game or practice.
o Alternatively, if no practices or games were played, but presumptive or positive test for COVID occurs, then notify CBAA lacrosse with names of other potential players/participants, coaches that have been in contact with the infected participant or family member.
  • A determination will be made on possible exposure of athletes, coaches and staff for the need to notify, isolate and/or monitor for symptoms.
  • CBAA Lacrosse will notify participants who came in contact with the individual of potential exposure following CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality.
  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is diagnosed, contact tracing will be implemented with the assistance of local health professionals and the Bucks County Department of Health.
How will a student or staff return to athletics following a COVID-19 diagnosis?
  • Athlete or coach must have medical clearance from their physician or appropriate healthcare professional, determined to be non-contagious, fever free, improvement in respiratory symptoms, no vomiting or diarrhea
  • The medical clearance must be provided to the CBAA Lacrosse program director before returning to play

How will a positive COVID-19 test impact a team?

A determination will be made by the CBAA Lacrosse President and Directors when teams can return to lacrosse after a positive COVID-19 case in accordance with Bucks County Health Department, PAGLA (girls) and SEPYLA (boys) recommendations.