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In accordance with guidelines set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Centers for Disease Control, our Lacrosse Program, CENTRAL BUCKS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LACROSSE (“CBAA LACROSSE”), will  play with the following safety and action plan in  Compliance with the CBAA Lacrosse policy & guidelines and is mandatory for all participants, coaches, and other volunteers. Any non-compliance with these guidelines will result in suspension from CBAA Lacrosse Indoor Center workouts. This policy and guidelines related to return to play is effective as of November 17, 2020. The policy will be updated/amended from time to time as required to comply with State and Local Guidelines.

Communication & Education
a) All players and parents will receive communication of our safety and action plan for workouts in the indoor center
b) We ask that all participants (coaches, players, and parents) follow the behaviors listed below to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to hand hygiene(frequent washing of hands or use of hand sanitizer), taking of temperature, wearing face masks, social distancing (6ft), sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when not feeling well or when displaying signs of COVID 19. 

Coach, Player, Referee, and Volunteer Mandatory requirements
a) Each coach, participant, or any other volunteer entering the indoor center will be required to perform the following actions prior to the start of every workout:

i) Complete COVID waiver, sanitize hands, temperature. 
ii)Anyone demonstrating cold-like symptoms will not be allowed in the facility and will be asked to immediately leave. Please do not bring a participant to the Indoor Center if they are sick or displaying COVID like symptoms.
iii) As part of the COVID pre-screening process, parents will need to take the participants temperature. If a participant registers a temperature of at least 100.4 degrees, then the participant will not be allowed to enter the facility and must depart immediately.

IV) Players are to enter through the front door and upon completion of session exit through the garage door in back of building. Players will only be allowed in when the session begins. No waiting inside. Players are to dress in the parking lot and are only allowed to bring water bottles. Each kids bottle will remain 6ft apart from a fellow participant. Parents are to remain outside during the workout.

b) CBAA is requiring and in accordance with Pennsylvania State Guidelines that all coaches and volunteers  wear face masks in the facility. Players will need to wear face masks during the check-in process and in the facility. In accordance with guidance from the Bucks County Health Department, we do not recommend players wear face masks while participating in on field activity outside.
c) Players will be permitted to show only a contactless sign of sportsmanship. No high-fives, fist bumps, or any other form of contact will be allowed.
d) Each participant must remove/dispose of any item brought to the fields (i.e. water bottle, equipment, clothing, etc). 
e) Participants must not share water bottles nor chew gum on/near the playing fields.

Coaches Guidance
a) Ensure health and safety of all players/participants
b) We mandate that coaches wear face masks at all times. 
c) Before start of each session make sure all players are feeling well enough to participate
d) Coaches should encourage all players use hand sanitizer before and after the session

Identification of COVID exposure 
a) Parents of participants need to immediately notify the CBAA Lacrosse President (Jeff Mote/jeff.mote@cbaasports.org) if the participant or someone in the participant’s home or has been around anyone that is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID. Required information at time of notification will include:

i) Age/Grade division
ii) Date of presumptive positive or test positive for COVID
iii) Attendance at workous
iv) Known participants who encountered an individual prior, during, and/or after a session.
v) Alternatively, if no games were played, but presumptive or positive test for COVID occurs, we ask that you notify the Head of the Lacrosse Program with names of other potential players/participants and coaches who have been in contact with the infected participant or family members.

b) CBAA Lacrosse will notify families and participants who are known to have been at the facility at the same time as the exposed or infected individual. We will follow CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality of all participants.

i) Participants who have come into contact with a presumptive positive or positive COVID person will not be allowed at the Indoor Center for 14 days and/or until a doctor’s note is provided, clearing the participant to play.

c) CBAA Lacrosse will also notify the Bucks County Health Department of any communicated known COVID infections.


Please Contact Jeff Mote with any questions or concersn.


Thank you,  


CBAA Lacrosse