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Fall Ball Volunteers 

Thank you in advance for volunteering to help with Fall Ball - we know it takes your very valuable time, but believe the reward for that time is to see the children of our community become better citizens in seeing so many parents working together to help build a program.
We will set up and distribute a schedule before the first week based on your registered volunteer position. If you have a scheduling conflict, please let us know as soon as possible so we can redirect volunteers to other activities, if necessary. 
Its very important to show up when you are scheduled.  We need many hands each week to run smoothly.Fall Ball was designed to enable you to come and go as a volunteer within 2-3 hours and be able to enjoy the rest of your Sunday with family and friends. If you have teenagers looking for service hours and would like to send them in your place, just let us know and we will put them to work (all jobs except the bbq grill, of course!)
Thanks again for your help and support!