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Girls Program Description
Our goal is for athletes to have fun while learning the game of lacrosse.  Sportsmanship and teamwork is emphasized at ALL levels. Beginners are taught basic skills and a broad sense of positioning.  Experienced players are taught advanced skills, tactical play, and specific positioning.  Our teams are essentially intramural teams that travel to play their games (no club has enough teams to play within club as in intramural soccer or basketball).  Grades 1st and 2nd will have fun scrimmages, some against local programs.

ALL GIRLS ARE REQUIRED TO PLAY WITH THEIR AGE GROUP. We follow the PAGLA East Directives. A link to the 2019 season directives is HERE.

Registration for the spring season opens by early December of the prior calendar year and closes around the second week of January.  An early bird reduced fee is offered the first few weeks in order to encourage players to register promptly.  Some age groups will fill up before registration closes in January!  The January deadline is set so that we can plan for the coaches and field space needed, as well as, meet league deadlines for scheduling teams and order uniforms in time for the season.   Please familiarize yourself with our refund policy before registering.

Grades K through 2nd
An athlete’s development at this stage is the key to a successful lacrosse experience in his later years.  Our goal is for the girls to have fun, learn, and love lacrosse. Girls can learn the lacrosse basics: 

     Skills --- cradling, passing, catching, dodging, and scooping up those ground balls.
     Learn to play all positions.
     Players will be taught to understand simple game plans.

This age group typically does not begin practices until early to mid April.

Grades 3rd and 4th
Also at this stage our goal is to have fun, learn the basics and love lacrosse!

In 3rd and 4th grade girls play round robin style games.  These are short fields with 7v7 20 minute games.  Typically they play 3 games each week.  This is so that coaches can be on the field and we can really focus on teaching proper techniques.  Rules are modified and there is no checking.  For players who are more advanced at this level we encourage them to work on playing with their off hand and working on more advanced dodges and positioning.  

Grades 5th through 8th
In Grades 5th through 8th, the teams play a full schedule.  They play with modified checking and some modified rules according to our PAGLA East Directives.  At this level we do hold evaluations for top "A" teams.  This is a commitment to be on these 'A' teams and if a player is not able to make lacrosse their priority sport they should not consider being on the 'A' team.  Our 'B' level in PAGLA East is fairly competitive also. Girls who are unsure of their commitment to lacrosse or for whom lacrosse is a second sport should make this known during evaluations.  Given all equal situations, i.e. attendance at practices, etc. 'B' teams do have an equal playing time rule.  Players who persistently miss practice without excuse may have their playing time affected.‚Äč


There may be some skill building pre season practices.  You will hear from the coaches.  The evaluations for the 5th-8th grade 'A' teams will be held in early January. You must attend to be considered.  After these teams are chosen we will have some evaluation times to create our other teams.   In March, all 5th-8th grade teams will begin practices.  This will all depend on field conditions. 1st-4th graders typically begin practices in later March.

Stick, mouth guard (colored- no 'leash'), approved eye wear (see our 'Learning Links' tab under the CBAA Girl's tab for more info) cleats are helpful outdoor but not required at younger ages.

Participation Policy
Our primary objective is to teach the game of lacrosse, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.  Toward this end, recognizing the commitment that each individual (players, coaches, and parents) makes to the program is crucial to the long-term success of the program.   A few important points to keep in mind when registering your child for the Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse program.

The entire program is supported by volunteers who give of their time unsparingly.
Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse works hard to make the team evaluations as objective as possible. 

We look to our parents for additional volunteer support, not only with our organization and team help but also with positive reinforcement for their young athlete.

For 5th-8th graders: Out of respect for others (including your children, coaches and other parents), if you and/or your child are unable to make a complete 100% commitment to the Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse, please do not encourage your child to occupy a spot on the 'A' teams.  

If you are concerned about equal playing time for your child or wish to emphasize the development of fundamental skills, a 'B' team is the best choice.

Final say in team selection will rest with the Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse Coaches.  Central Bucks Athletic Association Lightning Lacrosse reserves the right to make roster changes once the season commences if players have persistent unexcused absences from games or practices.