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Girls FAQs

How does Girls Lacrosse differ from Boys Lacrosse?
Girls’ lacrosse is a very different game from the Boys version.  The rules are different, the number of players is different, the field size is different, and the equipment is different.  Essentially, girl's lacrosse is a non-contact sport, stick checking is limited and girls play with a stick that has a significantly smaller pocket and with much smaller sidewalls. These differences mean the girls are not required to wear shoulder pads or helmets (except for the Goalie).  The end result is a great sport to introduce your girls to if you are looking for a high intensity game requiring good physical fitness and finesse skills. 

What equipment is required for Girls Lacrosse?
Your daughter will need  cleats, a  mouth guard, protective eyewear (see our Learning Links Girls tab for more info on approved eyewear), and a girl’s lacrosse stick.  Equipment can be purchased at Universal Lacrosse, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Modell's.

What does the Registration fee cover?
This fee covers: cost of facility and field rentals, team equipment and balls, coaches background checks, uniforms, website, and miscellaneous expenses that may arise for teams.

My daughter wants to play lacrosse but I am unable to afford the registration fees.
CBAA Lightning lacrosse has funds set aside to assist families. We do not want the cost of this sport to prevent young athletes from enjoying the game.  If you need assistance, we urge you to email   and type "HELP" on the subject line.

How many days a week will my daughter play?
Practices will generally be held 1-3 times a week prior to the start of the season.  Once games begin, practices will generally be held 1-2 times a week with games on the weekend.  CBAA Girls Lacrosse participates in the Philadelphia Area Girls Youth Lacrosse Association (PAGLA).  League games are typically played on Saturdays.  However, there may be an occasional weekend when your team will be scheduled for both a Saturday and a Sunday game.  You can check the PAGLA website to learn more about the league at: www.PAGLA.org
When will the game schedule be available?
The schedules will be available in early April after it is set up with PAGLA.  Play usually begins in March for older girls and mid-April for younger girls.  The season raps up in late May or early June dependent on rain outs and season-ending tournaments. 

Why must my daughter join US Lacrosse?
Besides membership offerings like Lacrosse Magazine, US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage (beyond personal coverage) to our young athletes and their coaches.  This coverage is a mandatory requirement for the facilities that we use and for all tournaments, clinics and camps.

My daughter has allergies and sometimes needs an inhaler. How should I handle this with the coaches?
Coaches need to be informed regarding ALL health issues.  We recommend that athletes give their team manager an inhaler marked with their name, to be kept in the team first aid box.  In addition, athletes must bring an inhaler to each practice and game.

What is the weather policy?
Spring weather can be fickle.  We do not play in a downpour, but we DO play in light rain.  Play will be suspended in a heavy downpour and/or with the threat of thunder and lightning.  We are often at the mercy of the coordinators of the facilities we use, and field closures may vary from field to field as a result.